User requests

Dashboard Request Portal

   1    This article is about management of request portal by admin. This article has the following                      topics:
  •    Admin authority
  •    Petition information
  •    Information display
   2     What admin can do?
  •    View petition
  •    Delete petition.
    3     All the petitions list will be displayed in columns with following information
  •  No.
  •  For           
  •  By
  •  Date
  •  Action 
  •     Admin can view the petition by clicking “view”
  •     Admin can delete the petition by clicking “Delete"
  •     Admin can search petition in search bar, if the information is long and all the information is difficult to          see at once so admin can just type in the search bar and he will get his required information in seconds
    4     Petition view
  •     Admin can view the petition after clicking on “VIEW” and example is as shown below:
  •     On top of the page is information of the user who put the petition and on what time.
  •     There is a profile picture display of the user
  •     From how long to what extent user have filed the petition is displayed after the picture
  •     There is a reason portal, in which user can explain the detailed reason about the petition reason..   
  •     At the end there is portal of signature of user, which is shown to required person and can verify it.               The signature is secured in data base and no one can misuse it.

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