Dashboard forms portal

Dashboard Forms Portal

    1  This article is about management of Forms portal by admin. This article has the following                         topics
  •   Admin authority
  •   Forms information
    2   What admin can do?
  •   View Forms
  •   Add Forms.
  •   This form displays Forms No., Tile and Action. The title of form is same as the user filed a petition for         which reason. This reason will be shown on the title bar.
  •    Action bar is showing the action that admin can perform. Admin can delete the form for any reason.


    3   Admin can add the form by clicking the “+Add” button on top left, the add form will appear.

  •   Step 1: Form setup, First thing is to add form title
  •   Then select the category from the group
  •   If this information has something to attach then admin can attach this.
  •   Then click on the next step

    4   Step 2: Generate your from:

  •       It helps to create new forms in a matter of seconds or minutes. Builder supports all the most common        fields, and you can fully leverage Bootstrap 4 classes for a more beautiful design. It can                             optionally allow users to upload an attachment like a medical certificate or a bank statement. It has            the following features.
  •     Header
  •     Paragraph
  •     Date field
  •     Text
  •     Checkbox
  •     Drop down
  •     Radio

    5   Step 3: Authorization form:

  •      Drag from left to right, the authorization sequence will be from top to bottom
  •      Once you drag it, the sequence is maintained.
  •      If you want to remove some names just drag it out it will be removed

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