Authority profile portal

Authority profile portal

    1    This article is about management of authority profile portal. This article has the following topics
  •    Authority profile
  •    Authentication
    2    What authority can do?
  •    Enable authentication
  •    Change password
  •    Change profile picture
  •    In this portal dean has the information about the profile and there permissions.

    3    Steps to Enable 2FA Authentication:

  •    To enable authentication just click on red enable button, before click keep these things in mind:
  •    The QR code will be displayed only once if you failed to scan it, it will disappear and your profile will be     on hold and then you can’t do anything with your profile.
  •    Download the Google authentication application on your mobile first for QR code scanning
  •    Once you downloaded the app you are good to go.
  •    Scan the QR good, enter the secret number and you will be notified with success message.


    4     Once you authenticate your profile will look like this:


   5     Steps to change password:

  •    Just enter the current password and new password you are good to go

    6    Important points for authority:

  •   Authority has been categorized in two categories
  •   The people who can sign in all departments and the people who can sign particular department.
  •    It is managed by the system admin

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