Approval flow

Approval flow

   1    This article is about working flow of application. This article has the following topics
  •    working flow   
  •    application to authority
    2    How this flow works?
  •    If the user is new he can sign In with the credentials and giving general information
  •    After that he can request an application which will be moved to higher authorities.

   3      Authorities are of two types:

  •     The people who can sign in all departments and the people who can sign particular department.
  •      It is managed by the admin and which ever get the application, it will be entertained accordingly.
  •      As shown below this authority can view the application, if admin allow then particular authority can             deny this request or approve this request accordingly


   4    The authority approval and signature is secured and get notified as shown below:

  •    The authority can approve it on the computer without any hesitation because it is secure and no one         can access it.

   5    If the authority can sign in to particular department and limited by admin then he will be shown             the following display:

  •   The action is shown by someone else authority depends upon the credentials provides
  •   After the application is processed by all the authorities then user will check its approved application          as shown if someone rejects it then it will be shown on that board too.

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