What is SMFD


SMFD is the world's most accessible software to get your petitions e-signed! it works for small, medium and large businesses. It's affordable, simple and secure . SMFD supports sequenced authorities.

Think about how much time you spend on getting a paper or petition signed. It gets worse if many authorities need to sign your petition and its a nightmare if your request needs to be signed by a high authority such as organisation president. To understand what exactly is, SMFD read Bob's story.

Bob is a guy who works for an enterprise as a designer. Bob wants to get an authorised leave for four days. Bob works for the IT department, which is located forty Kilometre far from headquarter. Bob was sick on Monday; he first needs to download then print authorised leave form and take it to his immediate supervisor who is called John; if John is free, he signs his petition now Bob he has to take his paper his paper to IT department director Adam on the eleventh floor. Unfortunately, Adam is busy; he'll come back in three hours then he might sign Bob's petition. Now Bob needs to get to the headquarter and get his paper singed by Vice president and President but again, unfortunately, Vice president is only available on Wednesdays and President is only available on Fridays Bob is sick, tired and hopeless and he'll give up his petition and go to work even though he is sick and make others sick as well!

Adam, the IT manager, is a smart guy. He hears the Bob story, and he wants to fix this huge issue. He does some research and finds out about SMFD, which makes the whole process paperless, fast and secure!

Next week Alice gets sick.

She logs in into SMFD and request for an authorised leave, Adam receives an email about the case and checks his medical certificate everything is exceptional Adam sign Alice's petition on his laptop right after Adam sign John receives a notification on his tablet, so he signed as well, who is next on the list? Vice president, So he'll receive a notification, and he'll sign at all. Finally, the President receives a notification while he is on his vacation, signs the petition using his phone.

Alice receives a notification about her petition approved on every step. Alice didn't leave the house; nobody kills the threes to get papers signed. The organisation saved tones of money on time and made their employees happy.

Adam was smart; Adam used SMFD.io !

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